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  • 3 Tips to Help Develop Your Wedding Style
  • Kyla Donkersgoed
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3 Tips to Help Develop Your Wedding Style

3 Tips to Help Develop Your Wedding Style

1 Get a feel from your vendors first!

Your wedding professionals are your greatest resource. Before you do a ton of wedding style research and graduate any bitty baby ideas from kindergarten to college, first research a couple vendors that really connect with your personal style. And then...just ask us! You don't want give any old D-minus idea a pass. That idea might need some TLC before it sees the glory of what will be your wedding.

So, send us an email, meet us for coffee, give us a call, and ask us things like; Hey? What's been done to death? What's trending right now?What are some styles/ideas that have stood the test of time? I have this idea, has anyone done it before and had issues?

If your vendor is really good they will help steer you towards a style that really reflects you, while also avoiding pitfalls in the 'overdone' category. 

We've witnessed countless weddings every year. It is in literally in our job descriptions to trawl the Instagram feeds of the leaders and contemporaries in our industry. Long story short - We know what's up! Save yourself a few minutes and some premature regret and come with open ears and a few questions about what we've seen.


2  Choose vendors that connect with your personal style. 

Like I mentioned above, If you are going to research anything about your wedding style, research your vendors and choose one you already feel and affiliation with in terms of their style. At least keep this in mind when it comes to your photographer, videographer, stationery and cake designers.

I keep this anecdote in my back pocket. A friend of mine and her fiancé, when planning their wedding, looked at all their options for photographers. They found one whose images really connected with what they cared about and their style as a couple. They met with this photographer and shared some ideas and examples about what they'd like their photos to be. The photographer was so pumped about my friend's ideas because they connected on taste and style. As a result, this couples photos were fantastic!

 Aesthetics are subjective and personal taste varies greatly. So if you want a vendor that is going to give great results FOR YOU, find one you know you love. Not just the cheapest, most popular, most expensive, or the most available if you can help it! 


3  Don't DIY Everything

I am actually a huge fan of DIY. If I were to plan my own wedding I would be tempted to take a three year engagement and carefully craft each decor item like a pseudo-god bringing forth new life! But the reality is, unless you take that multiple year engagement, and are the super-motivated non-procrastinator type, there just are not enough hours in the day. 

The last thing you (or your loyal gaggle of bridesmaids) want is to be up till 2 am the night before your wedding tying tags on the last of your hand-cut-individually-branded-leather-coaster-favours. Those which alone took you copious hours, blisters, and literal blood to create. I've seen brides look haggard in their wedding day photos -- how much you wanna bet they were DIY'ing the whole week before their wedding!

So, hand branded leather coasters on their own are an awesome idea (I actually stole it from an equally awesome couple I had the pleasure of working with). But if you are making coasters and your own wine, and your own table-centers, and god-forbid you think you  can do your own flowers or something (Giiiirl! I worked as a florist and I would not attempt that! Unless you're planning on not attending your own rehearsal or getting wearing any make-up day of) then let me borrow a phrase from a once popular viral - AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

So take my advice. Let some things fall off your plate and don't look back. If you are the creative type, definitely DIY something, maybe two things. But if you want your sleep and your sanity, keep it just to that.


Sound advice? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

  • Kyla Donkersgoed
  • weddingWedding Advicewedding style

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